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What do coaches like Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, and Danielle LaPorte all have in common?

Having a great product is key—but what really takes you to the next level is knowing how to properly market your product and sell the person behind it—you! When people invest in a Marie Forleo program or a Tony Robbins seminar they're not just investing in the product, they're investing in the person. That is what good PR does. It makes you fall in love with the person behind the product.

PR gives you a platform to tell your unique story and attract others who connect to what you're all about. It also follows the basic rule of: the more that people see your name in communities they trust, and the more people connect with your story, the more they'll associate feelings of trust, loyalty, and authority to what you do. This is where the real magic happens.

But wait—what is PR exactly?

PR (or public relations) is that little something extra that takes you from being a coach no one has heard of, to someone that people relate to, seek out, and want to invest in. 

It's what allows people to get to connect with you on a more personal level—a connection that leads to more inquiries, more discovery calls, and more sales.

The way you get in front of your audience? Through gaining placements in the media on reputable blogs, podcasts, radio shows, and TV placements. The more you get in front of your audience and share your unique story and expertise, the quicker you'll become seen as an authority figure within your field, and the faster you'll see your personal fan and client base begin to expand.


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"This is the most press we’ve gotten to date!”
“When I was making the transition from owning an online magazine to also starting a PR firm, I wondered if there would be anyone out there that would be willing to mentor me. Angela was with me every step of the way, to answer questions, to offer advice, and to help me learn some of the most important lessons that I have been taught.”
Kelly Murphy
"Angela worked tirelessly to make sure our projects not only had the right visibility in the right places, but she also had impeccable timing with the way she conducted her business strategies. She even coached us along the way with things like networking, social media, and marketing, and really taught us a lot. Not only that, but she was a joy to work with, and was always there whenever we had a question or needed help. We would hire Angela again in a heartbeat, she was worth every penny.”
Constant Coogan
“Angela did a great job of narrowing down my long, incredibly detailed life story into a clear, focused, and interesting bio. She was not only quick to respond to my questions and comments, but she was also flexible and helped make sure my vision came through."
Katie Lott