You're just a few sessions away from PR success

In your private one-on-one sessions you'll: 

o Learn how to hook media outlets through discovering your unique story

o Learn to identify your tribe and target the places they frequent

o Discover which outlets are the perfect fit for your niche

o Learn to craft the perfect pitch and begin securing placements in front of thousands of potential clients

Hiring a publicist can cost thousands of dollars per month

By learning the tools and dedicating yourself to becoming your own publicist, you'll not only save thousands of dollars over time, but you'll be in total control of your outreach, your pitches, and your growth, leading to more clients and sales.

In our one-on-one session I'll help you develop your story, learn which outlets to target, craft the perfect pitch, and begin bringing in more clients, more sales, and creating a lifestyle that works for your specific goals.