Hello my lovelies! I am so excited to be talking to you, for 3 very special reasons today:

1) You’re awesome (duh!)

2) It’s a beautiful day in Boston and while Fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait for the crisp leaves, apple picking, haunted houses, and other fall activities, I am reveling in the chance to spend one more day soaking up the sunshine while temps soar to the mid-70s.

3) I have some REALLY exciting news to share!

So, remember how I recently announced that I’d be shifting my coaching business to work exclusively on PR strategies with coaches and entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility, demand, and sales? Well, in a spirited effort to dive right in and start working with you right away, I’ve launched an affordable self-paced course that will go over all you need to know to get PR ready, start landing placements, and working your way to dream clients, opportunities, and growth.

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First, let’s talk about what PR is. PR gives you a platform to tell your unique story and attract others who connect to what you’re all about. It also follows the basic rule of “the more that people see your name in communities they trust, and the more people connect with your story, the more they’ll associate feelings of trust, loyalty, and authority to what you do.” This is where the real magic happens.

Having a great product is key—but what really takes you to the next level is knowing how to properly market your product and sell the person behind it—you!

When people invest in a Marie Forleo program or a Tony Robbins seminar they’re not just investing in the product, they’re investing in the person. That’s what good PR does. It makes you fall in love with the person behind the product, their mission, their message, their core truths. When that happens, you have a loyal audience who will want to support and invest in you in any way they can—because they believe what you believe.

So how do you know if PR is the right path for you? Let’s start here—do any of these sound familiar?

*You have a few clients, maybe even a bit of buzz, but you just can’t seem to break the glass ceiling and get to that next level

*You know you could help SO many people, if only you could get your message and story out there

*You desire bigger opportunities and stronger growth—higher paid clients, speaking gigs, interviews, etc.

*Your social media is a ghost town. Even if you’re posting regularly you’re seeing little to no engagement and interaction

*You want higher visibility, credibility, and traction. Simply put, you want to stop stalling and start thriving.

Designed with the female coach and entrepreneur in mind, this 7-part self-paced course will help you:

*Clearly define your brand & understand how to be consistent across all your platforms. That means no more wondering what to post, how often to post, or feeling frustrated by the lack of engagement on your social media.

*Learn to identify and attract your dream clients so you can stop hustling and start focusing on growth instead of merely surviving.

*Understand your unique story and how to use it to gain press & connect with dream clients

*Craft the perfect email pitch to get in front of editors and on blogs that can transform your career

As an entrepreneur, PR is one of the most important skill sets you can have, and being able to DIY your own PR can save you tens of thousands over the course of your career—just one month with a good publicist can cost upwards of $1,000.

This course is going for $199, but I’m offering my subscribers (my most loyal supporters! <3) a discount for the next few days. So if you want in on a special offer that takes this down to $149, just sign up to my mailing list in the next few days and you’ll be instantly sent a discount coupon. It’s my way of saying, thanks for being some of the first people to believe in me and support me in this journey of mine. <3

In the meantime, I want to answer your PR questions—right here, right now! Comment with your questions about PR and I’ll answer back within 24 hours.

Click the image below to sign up, and I’ll see you there!

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