I’ve been thinking lately about the pressures we put on ourselves. In our day to day lives, our relationships, our careers. We’re all just trying to do our best, yet somewhere along the way our best gets lost and we begin to chastise ourselves. “I should have done this differently.” “I should have tried harder.” “I should be further along with XYZ by now.”

We hold ourselves to sometimes impossible standards, and instead of feeling good about where we’re at, what we’ve accomplished, and what’s yet to be, we can only see the negatives. Our faults, our room for improvement, our works in progress.

Aren’t we all a continual work in progress?

What if we opened ourselves up to the silver linings of these things? Instead of seeing everything as a roadblock or a failure we could see it as a stepping stone to a new direction. Maybe a client fell through because they weren’t right for you. Maybe a speaking engagement didn’t happen because a better one is on the way. Or maybe the Universe is just trying to point you in a new direction and you’re not listening.

It can be so easy to force things, to put pressure on ourselves and our business to grow, flourish, and thrive. We can get so hooked on the results we’re after, that not only do we forget to enjoy the journey, but we end up pushing for things that we may not even want, yet somehow believe we really need.

I find this happens when I get tunnel vision, sometimes about things I don’t even want, and forget to allow myself a little bit of room for Universal intervention. When I get too headstrong for my own good that I begin ignoring sign after sign after sign that something is not meant to be, and instead of letting go and trusting that something better is coming, I charge forward, bullheaded as ever.

I almost always regret it.

Why then, do we insist on taking the difficult route? Is it because we’ve been conditioned to believe that working hard=value? Even if it’s working towards something we don’t believe in or want? Have we been taught to believe that only hard work pays off and indulging in our curiosities is fool hearted?

But what if those curiosities could really change your life, your business, your experiences? What if listening to those little whimsical thoughts and following them to see where they lead could bring you something truly magical?

I’ll bet most of you started your business based on a small curiosity.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped listening. To ourselves, our intuition, our gut. But it’s time to get back there, to listen to and respect our gut, our instincts, those little voices that guide us from day to day. When we do, truly spectacular things can happen.

So let’s talk about it. Tell me about a time that following that curious voice inside your head led to a life-changing moment or decision.

For me, it was deciding to start a blog (with no experience!) back in 2009 to interview a band I had just met that night. Eventually, that led to my PR company, which led me here. It defined my whole career and introduced me to people I would never have met otherwise. People who have changed my life for the better.

Another was a little curiosity I had to get involved in competitive roller skating as a kid. That tiny little curiosity led to 10+ years of competitive skating, travel, friendships, and relationships I would never have had otherwise.

So you see, these little moments really can change our lives and influence our direction. I can’t wait to hear about yours. 🙂

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