I have some exciting news! After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to switch up my coaching niche from being an entrepreneurial coach for female thought leaders, to a public relations coach for female coaches. Similar, but just a tiny bit different. Don’t worry, though. These blogs will still be largely focused on entrepreneurial dilemmas and pressing thoughts that we all face as entrepreneurs—with a bit of PR advice, tips, and tricks sprinkled in. 😉

So why does this matter to you?

PR is without a doubt, the missing puzzle piece in so many entrepreneurial journeys, often leaving qualified, capable coaches without any real buzz. When you get the press to work with you, you don’t have to spend so much time doing free discovery calls or posting 85 times a week in coaching groups, or hustling nonstop to get in front of potential clients, because instead, they start coming to you. And the ones who come to you are serious about it, which means no more sending 15 emails back and forth trying to sell yourself or second-guessing your approach.

Once the press is on your side, things will begin to change for you in the best possible way. You’ll be able to:

  • Stop spending hundreds of hours on free discovery calls, in Facebook groups, or anywhere else that takes away from time that could be spent growing your business
  • Be choosy about your clients
  • Become an industry expert in your niche
  • Begin to see the possibilities of expansion—speaking, writing a book, national placements, etc
  • Build towards a life that offers more freedom to do what you want, as you’re able to raise prices, create higher-tier programs, and work towards total independence in your business

That’s just the beginning. If you feel like you’re struggling to bring in clients, to stand out in a sea of other coaches, to really tell your story, to reach your audience and your growth potential, then PR is the missing key.

To give you a little background, I want to tell you about my story and how I found myself on the PR path securing major placements for myself and my clients that have led to more opportunities, visibility, and clientele.

When I was just 21 I came across a band that I fell absolutely in love with. I had arrived early to a concert and in a perfect moment of serendipitous bliss it meant I caught the opening band, a local one with a small following out of Providence, RI.

I was awestruck.

You know how sometimes you get that culmination of butterflies, excitement, and nervousness all at once and you just know something big is about to take place? That’s how I felt when I watched this band.

Out of nowhere I decided that I had to tell their story to the world, and to do that I needed to interview them. Upon realizing I’d then need a place to host this interview, I decided on a whim to start my own music blog and tell the stories of unsigned artists around the world. Remember, this was 2009—music blogs and blogs in general were still fairly new!

So I did it. I knew nothing about creating websites, interviewing, or running a business, but I did it anyway. 5 years later it would lead me to take that love of telling stories one step further to launch my public relations company, Muddy Paw PR, which I’ve continued to run for the last 4 years.

When I decided to launch my coaching business, I knew I wanted to work with people just like me—emerging female entrepreneurs with passion, grit, and determination to change the lives of those around them. Still, I couldn’t seem to narrow in my niche. I struggled to find my voice, to really understand where I fit into this wide world of coaches, and entrepreneurial coaches especially.

Then it dawned on me—PR coaching and consultation for female coaches.

For years I’ve run my PR company as my full-time gig securing my artists and companies press on some of the most established sites in their industry. I’ve also secured myself press, including paid monthly guest blogs on top-tier sites that bring in clients, speaking at my industry’s most prestigious events (for me that was SXSW and Canadian Music Week), being asked to speak at colleges and high schools around the United States and Canada, and making a living off the PR buzz I’ve created for myself.

But I realize it’s not so easy for everyone. Not everyone is a PR expert—but I believe everyone can be.

That’s why I’m narrowing my niche to work with you—the female coach who knows she has a story to tell, knows she has a unique edge, and knows she can change the lives of those around her—if only she could get in front of potential clients and the press.

I want to provide you the tools needed to get your story out there and begin securing press placements and seeing more clients, more sales, and more notoriety. In short, to begin creating a stronger business and a happier life.

So let’s chat! Comment and tell me what your biggest need is RIGHT NOW and I’ll tell you how PR can help.

And happy Thursday!

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