Last night as I lie there in that exhaustive state of half awake/half asleep, a thought crept into my mind.

I can change things by thinking about them differently.

It came out of nowhere, and while it wasn’t a new or novel idea—in fact it was one I had heard over and over—the way it came to me made all the difference. It was as if the Universe was speaking to me in one of my most vulnerable moments. My mind was quiet, my body was relaxed, and I was just there to receive. I was open for communication and in that moment, something I truly needed to hear, something that the Universe (and probably a few persistent friends) had been trying to tell me for ages was suddenly so clear.

I could change my situation by changing my outlook.

I could turn my pain into positivity, just by altering the way I looked at something.

It’s like getting exclusive access to your future, and finally having control of all the things you desire. If you’re thinking at this point “well yeah, of course we’re in control of our destiny” then that’s exactly my point.

But how often to we create our own roadblocks to happiness, simply by the negative, defeating, pessimistic thoughts we have?

Imagine that instead of complaining about how unfair something is, or how you are “just the way you are and can’t ever change” or that the world is somehow conspiring against you to give everyone else the things you want, you took control of your thoughts, and in turn, your situation?

I’m not saying that these things happen by magic. It’s not as simple as wanting to be rich, playing the lottery, and expecting to win. Just like starting a business isn’t about following your heart and just hoping the rest falls into place. It takes hard work, dedication, a game plan, and a lot of grit. But what gets you past those hurdles and to the place you want to ultimately be—what gives you that persistence, that clarity, and that perseverance is the way you channel your thoughts. Someone who believes in what they’re doing with all their heart, who has their eye on the prize and doesn’t make excuses for why they get distracted, and someone who goes all in with the belief that they deserve it, those people will always get further than those who make excuses for their situation.

You can change things by thinking about them differently.

All the things I want for myself, all the things that feel like such a struggle, they’re right there at my fingertips, just waiting to be discovered, to be played with, to be manifested into existence. But it won’t happen by magic. It won’t happen without your active participation. This is your life after all, and while I fully believe the Universe is always conspiring in our favor, it can’t do it on its own, and it can’t work with unwilling participants.

Remember, this is your one and only life, and you should have everything you desire, because you are worth it. But you have to be an active participant in your own life.

So, what are you going to do this week to change your life?

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