Have you been there? It’s what happens when we second guess ourselves. When we know in our gut what’s right and what’s wrong, and yet we go against that intuition simply because our mind can’t make sense of it.

So you talk yourself out of it. You tell yourself that you can’t build decisions around a gut reaction. That it’s not strong enough or logical enough to make decisions off.

This is how we end up talking ourselves out of things that are good for us, that we truly want, that can change our lives in the best way.

Or how we end up talking ourselves into things we don’t want, or that are actually bad for us, that get in the way of the things we desire.

We are literally sabotaging ourselves instead of just trusting ourselves.

We think we’re airing on the side of caution by letting logic take over, but what we’re really doing is cheating ourselves out of happiness by not believing that we know what’s best for ourselves.

It’s kind of ludicrous, isn’t it?

Yet nearly every time I have felt instinctually that a person or situation wasn’t right for me, no matter how hard I fought against that notion, it was almost always true and I could have saved myself years (years!!) of heartbreak in love, business, and friendships had I just listened to what I knew the whole time.

On the flip side, there have been so many times where I knew instinctually that a situation was right for me, but then found countless ways to talk myself out of it, because it seemed too easy or too natural and that brought up red flags for me.

But you know, I’ve learned to fight back.

It’s learning to trust your gut, and to recognize when you’re doing something because you believe in or vs because you’ve convinced yourself you believe in it.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

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