“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”

Vision. It’s something all entrepreneurs have, and we know how invaluable it is.

Yet when put in this context— of having the vision to recognize golden opportunities in every moment—so many of us miss out on what’s so obviously in front of us.

We’ll search for the answer high and low, only to be left wondering why our higher power of choice—God, the Universe, Buddha, whoever it is you talk to when you’re in your darkest moments, isn’t offering it up to us. I keep asking for the solution, but it just isn’t there.

The reality is that the solution is almost always right in front of us—we’re just not opening our eyes to see it. We’re not opening our hearts to the possibility that it doesn’t look like what we thought. We’re not opening our minds to the possibility that the solution might actually take work.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us, but we don’t want to see it.

It can be easier to be stuck, can’t it? As much as we may say we want something, and as much as that may very well be true and you may want it more than you’ve ever wanted anything before, there’s a sort of comfort in staying stuck.

Sure, you aren’t progressing. But you also aren’t failing. You aren’t challenging who you are. You aren’t coming up against situations that test you, and so, you can’t feel bad about yourself. You can’t falter. You can’t be faced with your own limitations.

But that also means you can’t thrive. You can’t change lives in the way you might, if only you released this gift of yours to the people who so desperately need to see/hear/feel it. You can’t see what you’re made of. You can’t see how strong you are.

No one ever reached their dreams by hiding from who they are and keeping their gifts from the world.

I remember my mom telling me this story of how she’d always pray for patience when I was a kid. (I guess I drove her a little crazy!) For years she wondered why she was not magically granted this patience. Then one day she realized that it wasn’t going to magically come to her. It wasn’t going to be a situation where * POOF! * patience! She was going to find patience through being constantly tested, and having to work that out herself.

Sometimes the answers we’re looking for, don’t come in the form we expect.

That’s the place most of us get stuck. We’re expecting some kind of universal handout instead of realizing that while the Universe can and will guide us and always has our back, it’s up to us and only us to put in the work to get where we want to be—and that includes opening our eyes to begin noticing the signs around us.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice they’re all around us. You’ll see them in recurring patterns, words, sounds, images, etc. You’ll notice when a song on the radio speaks to you when a book falls off the shelf or a sentence your eye.

Half the battle is beginning to notice the signs and then trusting and acting on them—even when it’s not as easy as we’d hoped. Even (and especially!) when it challenges us. Because that’s where the real lessons and the real growth are.

Back to that quote at the top— that’s no accident. The last few weeks I’ve been asking my higher power for a variety of signs all coming back to one central theme “What do I need to know, to live my best possible life? To create a career I can thrive in? To heal in my personal life? What do I need to know?”

The more I asked this and the more I began to pay attention to the things around me, the more I start to notice little signs and signals here and there.

Then, at the start of this week, I was on my regular morning walk with my pup when I came across this crushed fortune cookie, still in its package, just sitting right in the center of the sidewalk. Like it was waiting for me.

I started to walk past it (because you know, you’re taught not to pick things up off the sidewalk), but it was still in the package and something kept calling me back to it. (After all, it’s not like I was going to eat it!) So I went, fished out the fortune, and this is what it said:

“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”

It was so much of what I needed to hear in that moment. I’ve been working so hard to reshape my negative belief patterns and the harsh self-talk that runs on a loop 24/7, along with trying to balance a heavy work load, that I’d almost forgotten that I’m in control of my own thoughts and actions. That it’s my life.

That I don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to do something—any moment can be the perfect moment.

Let me ask you—which would you rather be—the person that waits forever in the hope for some “perfect moment” that doesn’t exist, or the person that releases a well crafted, but not perfect (because nothing ever is) idea into the world, and starts changing the lives of others and yourself today?

One breeds progress, while the other breeds doubt.

One shows the world you’re serious about success, and the other shows that you’re afraid.

One has the power to change the lives of those around you and yourself for the better, and one has the power to manifest into crippling self-doubt.

I don’t know about you, but I want to look back on my life and know that I did everything I could to live out my dreams and touch the lives of others.

To do that, I know I’m going to have to take some scary steps. But I also know it will be worth it.

Once you stop looking at it as an option to be your most authentic self and take those risks, and begin looking at it as a necessity to living your fullest life and a mandatory step in making your dreams come true, it’s kind of freeing.

And yeah, it’s scary. But what’s the alternative? Look back in 50 years and wonder “what if”? I promise you that when you’re looking back on this time in your life, even a year from now, you won’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for having tried and stumbled or failed a few times—but you will feel ashamed if you failed to try at all. If you let fear and pride and ego get in the way.

So let me ask you—what’s one thing you can do this week that you’ve been putting off?

What can you commit to releasing into the world by the end of this week that you’ve been putting off way too long?

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